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Let’s be honest – our Healthcare system is complex and overwhelming. How to Talk to Hospitals was created to help you feel more equipped, informed, and confident about advocating and ensuring quality care for your loved ones.


And I Quote: Amy Cueva on Healthcare Design

  posted on:  April 18, 2018

We need to improve the experience people have interacting with the healthcare system.  Anyone who has experienced a health crisis themselves or with a family member knows how painful and frustrating it can be to navigate. These are emotional situations, and patients and their families need support, empathy, and seamless connections to care. Our healthcare … Continued

A Must Watch TED Talk

  posted on:  April 18, 2018

Healthcare Should Be A Team Sport   Here is a must watch Ted Talk from Eric Dishman on the importance of healthcare being a team sport. Dishman’s talk emphasizes the importance of coordinated care and empowered patients.    

How To Feel Empowered As A Caretaker Or Patient

  posted on:  September 4, 2017

It didn’t take me long after becoming K’s caretaker to learn that the best way to feel empowered is to be prepared. Soon after that, I learned that the key to being prepared when it comes to the medical world is having all of the pertinent information regarding your or your loved one’s current and previous medical … Continued

This Is Healthcare

  posted on:  August 24, 2017

A True Story Imagine a patient, we’ll call her Sam. Sam recently spent seven weeks in the hospital. About five weeks into her stay, it was finally starting to look like Sam would be able to go home soon. The only thing in her way was the need to obtain the necessary home care equipment—a biPAP and home oxygen—and training on … Continued